TC Float sprl design and supply tin bath roofs for float lines used for the manufacture of flat glass.

This recently formed innovative company is the creation of two of the top specialists in the industry.


Float Process System:

The float process is a system invented in the late 1950"s by Sir Alastair Pilkington. This process is used for the production of flat glass for Architectural and Automotive purposes. This system completely revolutionised the flat glass production process and today is used exclusively by all glass manufacturers worldwide. In recent times this process is also being used for the production of electronic glass for mobile phones,tablets,laptops, tv screens etc.

The system basically consists of a furnace to melt the silica sand, which is then floated on a bath of molten tin, while its cooled and formed into the correct size and thickness. The advantage of using molten tin is that it does not mark the underside of the glass and removes the necessity for expensive grinding of the glass after production.